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Alcatel OneTouch 10.16G review

 Review: March 2016  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Alcatel OneTouch 10.16G is a dirt-cheap old-style phone with an alphanumeric keypad. It has no camera, but can call and text, has a radio, and quadband GSM compatibility. Battery life is very weak however.

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They don't make phones like they used to, eh? Wait, it turns out that they do! Alcatel's retro-style One Touch 1016G rewinds the clock 10 years to when phones were bricks, and did what phones were meant to do - make calls and send texts.

One thing that has changed since those days though is the price. The OneTouch 1016G costs virtually nothing. You can't really argue with that.

The 1016G is a classic feature phone with a tiny 1.8 inch screen, an alphanumeric keypad and a chunky body. There's no camera, but it does have a radio and a voice recorder. It's unbelievably light in weight compared with modern phones.

The phone runs on GSM networks only, but has quadband compatibility, so you should be able to take it anywhere.

The battery has a tiny 400mAh capacity, that will last for 6 days on standby, but not very long if you make calls.The phone accepts a standard-size sim card.

There's not much more to say about this phone. Buy it as an emergency phone, or one to take to a festival. Alternatives include the Nokia 130, which has better battery life, or the Nokia 225, which includes a basic camera.

Alcatel OneTouch 10.16G features include:

Best buys
Alcatel One Touch 1016G
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Alcatel One Touch 1016G
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Alcatel One Touch 1016G
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How do I delete a letter/number when texting?

Asked by Helpless from England on 11th Jan 2018

How do you get a long text message to show up fully on this phone,1016g?

Asked by Breb from Ireland on 29th Dec 2017
Not showing full text message!! .I deleted all my messages to see if it would show fully but no please help as it is an important message.

How can I find contacts?

Asked by ROY from UK on 10th Dec 2017
I have a list in the window, at the bottom of the list it says "Search", but I do not have a search button, & I am unable to highlight this choice?

Reply by Glenn from Uk on 19th Jan 2018
In the contacts mode press the 0 (zero) button,then enter letters to search for contacts.

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Alcatel OneTouch 10.16G user reviews

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Average rating from 8 reviews:

Reviewed by Robert from Switzerland on 26th Aug 2017
This is onee of the best phones I ever owned. I live on a boat and use it to fit in local prepaid SIM cards. It small fits any pocket and works perfect. If it falls in the water I get a new one. If I loose it I get a new one if I damage it....
It serves the purpose of being connected. It even has a converter from alian punds and miles to kkilo and km.
I got this phone in Martinique unlocked for 30EUR incl. 20 EUR phone credit.
Value for money 6*

Reviewed by Roger maxey from England on 19th Aug 2017
How can anyone complain about this phone, it is a basic phone for a basic price and does a first ratejob. If you want an internet searching all bells camera phone expect to pay for it. I paid less than twenty pounds for this phone and it does everything I expected of it and more. Tesco mobile at the time of writing have some superb deals and no I do not work for tesco.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 1st Jun 2017
Does exactly what it says.Perfect for me as I mainly receive calls, and only text occasionally. I hate predictive text, so happy without.Lower to uper case is a one button press, so's voicemail. Camera's good (zoom isn't).Can't believe it was only £7.50.

Reviewed by RABB from UK on 7th Apr 2017
Don't buy this phone. It is absolutely useless for texting. No real predictive text. Very difficult to switch from lower case to caps and vice versa. The ultimate disposable phone. You will want to get rid asap.

Reviewed by Siobhan from United Kingdom on 2nd Mar 2017
Useless phone. I wanted basic..this isn't even that. Poor battery life,; awkward transfer from lower to upper case when texting; still haven't worked out how to access voicemail. Going back to my Samsung.

Reviewed by Jonathan from United Kingdom on 11th Nov 2016
Cheap but annoyed and surprised it doesn't have predictive text!!! My old £5 LG had it and that's much older...

Reviewed by BARRY from ENGLAND on 25th Sep 2016
The Alcatel One Touch 1016g will nolt send text messages. The instructions are printed in a typeface that is too small. Making calls work, but I can not send text messages. I wish I had not bought it.

Reviewed by Sabine from England on 20th Aug 2016
I hate this phone. I cannot hear the other person well. It keeps interrupting the conversation and is very quiet. My provider only exchanged it once and it was as bad as the other. I had to buy a different handset but thanks to Talktalk they made me being stuck in the contract by not letting me out when I had a chance. I have two handset. I do not use Alcatel. I use an older version of Nokia I bought from ebay after giving up on the bad one.

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