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Alcatel 1010 review

 Review: November 2013  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Alcatel 1010 is Britain's cheapest mobile phone!



A mobile phone for a fiver! How is that even possible? We don't know, but you can't argue with the value proposition here.

The Alcatel 1010 is, as you'd expect, a very basic phone, but it has a solid, chunky build and a practical keypad with large keys. The display is tiny, and is probably nigh on impossible to read in sunlight. But the phone is also unbelievably lightweight - possibly the lightest phone available as well as the cheapest.

This phone makes calls and sends texts, but it does more - it has a radio and a torch. It even has an MP3 player, but with barely enough memory for one song, we don't think you'll get a lot of use out of that. There's a handsfree speaker too, and vibration alert.

A microUSB connection is provided and the phone works on GSM 900/1800 MHz frequencies. Battery life is better than your average smartphone, with up to 13 days standby quoted by Alcatel.

Asda is selling this thing for £5 and you can buy it on other networks for about the same. At that price, any criticisms of the product are irrelevant. We love the 1010 - just when it seemed that the cost of phones was locked in an upward spiral with the iPhone leading the way, along comes the ultimate cheapo phone that restores our faith in competition.

Alcatel 1010 features include:

User questions

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Pls how do u activate hands free ?

Asked by joel vaughan from u.k. on 7th May 2018
My friend says her phone does not have hands free - i think it does if it is this modle.
Please how do you activate hands free on this phone ?

Thank you

Joel Vaughan

Which charger use?

Asked by Muniba from Uk on 9th Jun 2017

How do you remove SIM card from these Alcatel push button phones please?

Asked by Sharon from Ireland on 4th Jun 2017

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Alcatel 1010 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 18 reviews:

Reviewed by Neal from UK on 28th Aug 2016
I got my Alcatel binary 10 (1010) for free with a free £10.00 sim (a saving of £15.00). It is for Emergency use only. The only complaint I have is that the USB connector is extremely dodgy; taking a dozen or so plugging and unpluggings of the connector before it decides to charge. Banging the 1010 can also trigger charging. Could be I have a faulty power management IC. Standby life is no more than 5 days with a fully charged battery. However, paying nothing for it and complaining would make me a bit of a chav. So, just saying...

Reviewed by Mick Johnston from England on 11th Jul 2015
Bought as back up only to my iphone. For under a tenner it does what is required - sending and receiving calls and texts. Also an FM radio. One query - claims to have an MP3 player. I havn't got one on mine !

Reviewed by ndavuza siyabi from south africa on 9th Jul 2015
When I put the bettery in it start vibrate up to infinite any who can help me?

Reviewed by peter howard from great britaina on 12th May 2015
A really good easy to use phone.

Reviewed by Mike Donovan from UK on 10th May 2015
Bought one of these as a stop-gap for a couple of days which has dragged on for weeks, and I regret buying it every time I have to use the thing. Composing texts is a struggle, not helped by the lighting being out on the middle row of keys. I can't even be bothered to take it back. The phone itself works okay and the battery is good, but no calendar, an inbox which fills in a day, the painful one by one deletion of messages or else delete all (continually necessary as the memory fills) so constant writing notes. Why bother to make and market such a machine? Can't do Alkatel any good at all, as I wouldn't look at another product of theirs.

Reviewed by SuzieB from UK on 14th Mar 2015
Bought this phone for emergency use at work because it was so cheap and didn't matter if it got lost. It was charged when I got it, so no problem with that. SIM card was a bit fiddly to install (instructions aren't exactly helpful!), but once in, everything worked perfectly. Such fun working out how to send a text using the keyboard - haven't done that for years! Perfectly possible, though, once you get the hang of it. If you want a really cheap and basic phone, you can't go wrong with this one.

Reviewed by Jbay from England on 23rd Jan 2015
Can't complain for the price. It's best feature has to be the call filters. Battery life good too.

Reviewed by john from uk on 14th Jan 2015
bought this phone brand new charged it for 3 hours just like it said in the instructions,but no life ,tried using the same charger on my other phone it was ok so the phone was at fault took it back to argos they did not want to know,so i dumped it and bought a better one

Reviewed by james from uk on 2nd Dec 2014
I like the product but I donít know where you found an mp3 player on it because I donít have one on mine

Reviewed by Terry from UK on 30th Oct 2014
Just bought mine for £4 from ASDA locked to EE but also then unlocked it via Ebay for 99p. So what do I make of this now sim-free mobile for under a fiver?

Well, I wouldn't want to use this phone as my first-choice mobile, due to it not having GPS which I need for my employment. But that's not what I bought it for. I wanted this phone as a secondary back-up.

What is important is the fact that it can call, text and has a battery life which reminds me of the good old Nokia days of the late 1990's. Yes, it cannot go online, check my Facebook/Twitter or tell me where the nearest Chinese takeaway is, but it will be a mobile that my family and friends, and myself, will happily use in times of need. And for less than a fiver, it certainly deserves a five star rating.

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 8th May 2014
Asda mobile recently sent me one of these free, when they couldn't unlock my Samsung to move from Vodaphone to EE.

It's pathetic. I can't add words to the dictionary, I can't have more than one number per person in the phonebook and there's no volume control on the alarm!

Reviewed by G from UK on 9th Apr 2014
Was a great phone (got it unlocked for £1) but now (2 months old)has become intermittent in sending texts. Apart from that it's a great phone.


Reviewed by Neil from UK on 15th Feb 2014
It does the job :) Bought it for just five pounds in my local T-Mobile shop. Call quality is good, battery life amazing, The radio if a bit crackly does it all.

Reviewed by frank from england on 6th Feb 2014
It seems like a good simple phone.I have had the Alcatel 1010 supplied as a replacement for a Nokia 100 by Asda mobile. It seems ok but after going through the charging process it appears to be fully charged and then the charge indicator goes blank. What causes that?
Also how do I switch on the loudspeaker?

Reviewed by haydn newman from England on 4th Jan 2014
Free with T-mobile. Love this little phone which is simplicity itself.

Reviewed by M.S from U.K on 31st Dec 2013
Bought this through T Mobile. Was sold saying can record and listen music and can listen to radio.But help from
Technical Services at T Mobile is zero.

Reviewed by John from UK on 22nd Dec 2013
Good little basic phone, even better when you unlock it from T Mobile, who are dreadful! See E bay - you can do it for a quid!

Reviewed by Tanvir from Bangladesh on 28th Nov 2013
Very good phone about price

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