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Last updated October 2013

Three is the newest of the "big 4" networks in the UK and is the only network to operate a 100% 3G service.

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The network was launched in 2003 and upgraded significantly in 2008 so that it now covers 97% of the UK population. In addition to voice and data services, Three also offer mobile broadband services including mobile wi-fi.

Despite being the first UK network to launch a 3G service, it will be the last to offer 4G, with no plans to launch until December 2013.

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Three user reviews

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Reviewed by Alamgir from UK on 21st Mar 2015
Been with three for 7 years and lately their customer service is terrible they treat you like a new customer and offer you rubbish deals. Also their network signal is terrible for the price you pay, which shows that you are better off going to another network.

Reviewed by Kieran from UK on 7th Feb 2015
Great signal
Fast data

Reviewed by Lang from UK on 21st Jan 2015
We bought a Three mobile phone, It has been an absolute disaster: no coverage anywhere in our area (although Three's web site claims good coverage) Three provided us with a booster which was meant to improve coverage. It did not. Tried to use phone on a trip abroad. It did not work. Tried calling their help line. it did not work. We tried downloading a "Three in touch" app which was meant to improve things. It did not work. I could go on and on!

I note that other users have similarly bad experience of three. My advice" don't touch this product under any circumstances.

Reviewed by Alan Dixon from UK on 8th Jan 2015
Hands down the worst network with both signal and customer service

Beware 1. This network is rubbish and drops more calls and has no reception and is 100% the weakest network out there in my eyes and i have tried them all. Don't compromise cost for a poor signal.

Beware 2. Their customer service is based in India and they are like robots. They are trained o say exactly the same thing. I am 100% anti racist but all i'm saying is the customer service is remote and like talking to a computer that just does not listen like humans.

Beware 3. When you cancel if you are getting a PAC code beware! Aside from me asking them to cancel my contract I asked them for a PAC code (again lack of communication from foreign Robot) if the PAC code is not used, even though you have told them you are leaving, they continue to charge you for 4 months after and will not offer a refund saying its in there T+C's. If you get a PAC code use it on day 1 because the clock is ticking. If you use it they will charge you a month from the date you use it anyway and if you don't they continue charging you monthly so beware!!!

Apart from my Rant above all i can say is they are not only incompetent technically with their poor network their customer service is beyond shocking and beyond understandable. Absolute Joke!!!! Do not go with 3

Reviewed by Alex mahmoud from United Kingdom on 21st Dec 2014
I hate this company being dealing with them for 3 years network coverage is very bad and low and customer service they can't do anything to useless

Reviewed by Michael from United Kingdon on 8th Oct 2014
I have been a customer of many mobile phone network providers and I have never come across a company as bad as Three in my life. In 2009 I did not make a payment for one of my bills which was £68 as three over charged me and I did not get any network signal at my house for several month, with no one willing to sort anything out. They eventually made me make the payment of £68, but then to my surprise once payment was made I had a DEFULT on my credit history which stays there for 6 years. I called up and was told this would be removed, 5 years later to my surprise this DEFULT is still on my credit file. I spoke to them in depth today and the person I spoke to MR STEPHEN LOUGHERY who claimed he was a manger, he refused to help me and would not pass me on to someone that could help.
frankly I would say do not USE three and do not speak to a MR STEPHEN LOUGHERY. VERY VERY VERY POOR SERVICE.

Reviewed by me from uk on 19th Jul 2014
I'm a pay as you go customer as i am a mid/light user so i was taken with the 321 rates, went into a 3 store only to be told by the "advisor" that 3 do not offer pay as you go and i would be best on a sim only deal, and yes i did hear correctly as had someone with me, she did say that they do not offer pay as you go and tried to steer me onto a £18 per month plan, i said i wasn't interested and left it there and decided to try another 3 store as i liked the sound of the payg plan and thought perhaps it was just this particular "advisor" on entering another 3 store i told the "advisor" my needs etc and she turned and said "why pay as you go?, we offer much better contracts/sim only which are much better value" eh hello love, i have told you i want payg, if i wanted a contract or sim only i would have asked for that. All in all has put me off joining 3 as they clearly do not want my custom and do not listen to their customer needs and can only imagine they are told to push contracts/sim only to reach their sales targets. I thought they promised much too but there is no way i will go near them after that experience, if that's what "customer service" is like before i buy i can only imagine what it is like afterwards oh well 3 i have taken the £300 i was prepared to splash out on a new phone for myself to one of your competitors and am reasonably happy, ok paying slightly more but it's worth it for decent customer service. And before anyone says that 3 wouldn't have said that they did not offer pay as you go, the "advisor" did infact say that which is a blatant lie.

Reply by dean from uk on 31st Dec 2014
Hi thete you should have justed orderd a sim online i did useless these phone shops are all they try to do is get people into a contract

Reviewed by ovoxo from UK on 8th Jun 2014
I've been with 3 for 2 years. So after my initial contract ended I was qualified for an upgrade. I did this over the phone and my phone was delivered within a day. However, it was delivered with the wrong Sim card!! A micro, pay as you go Sim with a different number.

This was not compatible with my iPhone 5s. This was very disappointing, as I required the phone ASAP! Being without a device nowadays is a total burden many would agree. I called the 3 helpline many times, and the advisors kept telling me it would take 3-5 working days. That would mean an extra week without having a phone; this was not ideal as I felt I was owed a better deal, as it was their initial mistake that led me to the current conundrum.

I spoke to the manager who kept saying he understood, I have no idea from what perspective, as I was the one who had to go on without a phone. He then offered my £20 to my 3 account; I donít know how this is applicable as the phone is under a contract. Nevertheless, the contract had begun the day the phone was delivered with the wrong sim. After long conversations they still told me 'nothing could be done'.

This was an all in all disappointing experience; they made no effort to help me with getting my phone on time despite this fact that it was their mistake.
When this contract ends I will no longer be using 3, the data packages seem attractive - all you can eat. However, all that glitters is not gold.

Reviewed by Linda from England on 5th Jun 2014
My 3 coverage was bad at work but then so was every network except that boosted by a vodaphone booster (the company network). At home I had to sit near window for 'mobile' calls but I'd had the same issue with Orange. Then 3 signal improved and I was reasonably happy.
Next thing I get a postcard re TV Freeview reception informing me that 4G was coming to my area and may impact TV reception, from that time my 3 signal has deteriorated, my calls repeatedly fail mid call and I often get No internet messages even though my phone shows I have network and. 3G.
One 3 shop told me the old switch it on/off routine and said there were issues with the network which were being fixed that night- funny coincidence? He also let slip that I was the 7th person complaining about the network in that shop on that day!
Last week went to another 3 shop who said I needed a signal booster provided free if I rang customer services - no such luck they asked where I was having the network problems then said there were no reported network issues so it must be my phone and I need to reset the network settings for my phone trouble is I don't know the 4 digit pass code as it's a long time since I got this phone.
Beware of sales people saying a phone upgrade is the answer if the problem's the 3 network then all you've done is tie yourself up in another contract.
Then went to one of the multi network phone shops who told me that 3 have been having difficulty resolving network issues since they moved to 4G plus side is that he offered to buy out my contract if I took a new phone contract through his shop obviously trading in my phone as part of the deal. I'm seriously considering this as my next step.

Reviewed by Jura from UK on 25th May 2014
I'm without my number for around 48 hours, because of misselling!
I was switching from PAYG (three) to a contract (three) and I've been told that my number transfer to a new sim will be immediate, without any waiting, because it's on the same network. (and it's not something I misheard, my phone records all calls automatically, so I have a proof!)
Now I have no idea who wants to contact me and by the nature of my job I don't know some people calling me and I can't notify them about another number just for couple days. Therefore I most probably loosing a lot now and I have to disturb a lot of people about temporary number.
Technical support couldn't give me any solution at all.
Will leave company, which is lying to customers, ASAP!
Also signal indoors is very bad and disappears sometimes.
Plus my friend told me that he had problem with roaming abroad.

Reviewed by Jane from uk on 15th Apr 2014
average signal cover but the worst customer service ever, based in Indiacall center which is not a problem but everything is read of a script and there is no help or flexibility. Fine if you don't have a problem with your phone, upgrades or service or bill. If you do and it involves any format of refund. Good luck. ..3 will give you 2 fingers.

Reviewed by Special little Indian boy from India on 7th Mar 2014
I worked for 3 for quite sometime now and realised that the cust service we provide is good or horrible depending on the caller...ie
If a cust has called in the last 30days then he has already answered feedback and won't get the message again..the advisor taking the call (in India) realises this and knows this call can't help nor destroy his personal score...so he is left with a job to get rid of the caller...asking a cust to switch off the phone and switch it on after a min to reboot the cell works every time like a charm...for network or tech issues...
The advisor can then move to the next caller who either is a fresh caller(not called CS in last 30 days) and will provide a heavenly service hoping to woo the cust and at the end of the call upsell him offers and transfer to the sales team for a additional contract with a phone or ipad...
Even if u leave bad feedback..the best u may receive in return is a guy/gal in India abusing your name for the feedback u may hav left in a comment and the score ...
The msg gives u a option to rate the advisor b/w 1 to 10...with 1 being lowest and 10 highest..but the advisor requires a 9 or a 10 or anytin else just harms and drops/destroys his performance and incentives for the whole month...
So it's always best to get on the good side of the advisor by complementing or flattery bat India and what a great job they are doing...cheers and best of luck since if ya with 3 you most probably are stuck till the end if your contract...unless you can pay for remainder months line rental of your contract...
Cheers from special little Indian boy

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 16th Feb 2014
Having been with both Orange and T Mobile, I found the signal even under the new EE, pretty poor all over the place. I was advised by a few people at work to try Three, so I switched from T Mobile, and moved onto a sim only deal, £12.90, 200 mins, 5000 texts, and unlimited data. What can I say, superb signal everywhere I have been, and in Manchester now we have 4G for no extra cost. If like me you buy and change phones a lot, get yourself a sim only deal from Three. No commitment 30 days at a time!

Reviewed by christopher l m davies from wales, uk on 12th Jan 2014
Had a 2 year contract with three, after setting the direct debit with them, they took 12 upfront payments of £47 (£564) which absolutely rinsed my bank account straight away, called them up and they told me i had to prove it before they refunded me, they wanted me to scan my passport and driving licence, my monthly bank statements and a letter from natwest showing that it was them (hutchinson 3g communications) that done this, I reluctantly canceled my contract straight away and now have a debt collection agency chasing me for the remainder of the contract, am £564 less than when I started and had a "default" next to my credit score so I'm struggling to get another contract, how are these fools allowed to do this?
Currently in the process of going to court over this!
Christopher L M Davies

Reviewed by nikki from uk on 7th Dec 2013
I love three!!!

Good value. Good service coverage (in my area)

I have speeds up to 21mps wow!!

Have called customer service (India) they were really helpful and knowledgeable.

Really happy with three.

Reviewed by terry from UK on 26th Nov 2013
indoor reception abysmal, outdoor acceptable if you are in the town. Was told that local signal was overpopulated. Support from India / south africa poor

Reviewed by stephen from UK on 3rd Sep 2013
Been on contract with 3 for nearly three years now and its the best network ive been with. Would recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Jay from UK on 2nd Sep 2013
Been without network for over a month-no service nothing, made complaints but people in India are limited in what they know and can do. one said it was because this was Devon and the network was 'saturated' !!!!! No. Another said there was a problem but didn't know what. How can they sell you a phone and 'service' that is not fit for purpose? Will NEVER get a 3 phone contract again - stick to Orange - I was with them before and wish I had never switched.

Reviewed by ste from UK on 28th Jun 2013
Been with 3 for 2 years now. Brilliant network. Signal great around Liverpool and never had any problems. Would reccomend

Reviewed by raed from UK on 9th Jun 2013
I was jumping from network to other but never had experience with 3 I tried Vodafone and o2 and.. I made a contact with 3 because they were the only network to provide an unlimited internet I had the worse experience with them I changed lot of telephone as I thought the phone was problem their network are rubbish their internet is ridiculous maybe their price are good but all the rest was nothing even their customer service was promising but to be honest was same them connecting I will make a party when I'll finish my contract with them

Reviewed by tony from uk on 2nd Jun 2013
DO NOT USE. I got a 3 dongle for my computer, it worked to start with then it kept crashing. There call centres are in india and they will not transfer to an english speaker and they are not engineers, they also had a set speech, so I stopped paying because they did not provide me with a service. They said they would not put me through to customer service until I paid my bill, catch 22. Now they have debt collectors, at one point 2 debt collector after me. (had to give 1 star because thats as low as it went)


Reviewed by Richard M from UK on 2nd Jun 2013
Phoned to request PAC code and very efficient , friendly service. Shame I had to leave simply because coverage is patchy where I work ( why I dropped a star ) . Was with them on PAYG for about a year with no problems . Apart from work, signal very good and fast 3G elsewhere where other providers couldn't achieve. Customer care very good.

Reviewed by thomas roberts from UK on 20th May 2013
The network has been out of action at my office for over four weeks now. Every time you ring customer services you get told a different thing, none of which is honoured. If there was a rating for lying they would get five stars. I suggest nobody ever signs a contract for telephone services with this company, they will bill you but not provide the service.

Reviewed by Peter Challis from UK on 6th May 2013
Switched from O2 to Three as wanted to have a PAYG service and wanted good "value for money". Three et that criteria with my usage pattern (mainly text and data). Initial activation on Three service looked good, but when I tried to port my old mobile number to them they got it badly wrong and I ended up being unable to make calls. There problem analysis and action plan was to do a full hardware reset of my phone (clearing out all the apps I'd installed) and to get a replacement SIM card. After doing all this I still had the problem and so decided to switch to another supplier as I needed to have a working phone. Three said I had a "known problem" and could not give me a fix time. Then it really went bad - my phone number switched to the new supplier, but Three managed to keep my number active on Three as well, so I had to carry 2 phones with me. After 3 weeks they had still not sorted out the problem - I was ringing them every 2 days for an update and it was always "we are very sorry" and "we'll sort it out in another 2 days" (but they never did). In the end I just decided to get a new telephone number with the new supplier and leave the old number to die with messages on both voice mail systems. Three are refusing to give me a refund - instead only offering credit on a future purchase - am escalating to ombudsman. As far as signal is concerned, the Three signal is not too bad but is more patchy than other suppliers (especially for voice/text) as there is no 2G signal to fall back on.

Reviewed by Chris Stroe from UK on 29th Apr 2013
I've made a stupid mistake and got a contract on 3 because of the unlimited internet (and tethering).I did not think that this days in London you can't have signal.From the first day i did not have coverage at work at all almost.I've had to go outside to make a call.They've cut down my contract from £35 to £30 but still no good .After a year I've decided to sell the phone and pay the rest of the contract.I was thinking it will be simple why should they have a problem with that? It wasn't like that I've called them to cancell and they did not want to take my money around £300.I was on the phone for more then one hour trying to convince the lady to give me my PAC code after I make the payment.Her answer was NO NO NO and NO we will try to do something for you bla bla .....I've said PLEASE at least 50 times in that hour.I was so nervos.In the end she gave me the code and I payed what was left of the contract.Now I am on orange-juge diference.... My advice is this: 1)Before you get a contract check that you have coverege by buying a sim pay as you go first.(cheaper then cancelling contract after few months). 2)DONT GO with 3 3)orange or O2 are much better but no unlimited internet (wich you dont use anyway if is no coverage). -

Reviewed by ashwani from UK on 10th Apr 2013
Just used for 10 days and it drove me crazy. No network at home, fluctuating network at work but zero data connectivity. Couldn't even perform a speed-test as the connection doesn't last for even few seconds. Extremely poor customer care, go by the book attitude and don't listen to the customer. Kept sailing useless options of buying another handset, upgrade plan or transfer the painful plan to a friend, now who does that? Cancelled within 10 days of purchasing but no concession.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 24th Mar 2013
ive been with 3 for many years now because of their excellent value price plans and have always been really pleased. in 8 years i have only had one experience of signal issues and that was due to them carrying out work on a mast in the area. They refunded some of my monthly bill for the hassle.
Ive just upgraded to the sony z on the one plan (i tether for my home internet connection) and the signal is amazing. since they have started upgrading the network to ultrafast (like 4g) i now get between 5-8 mg speeds at night and in the morning i can get 13mbs!!!
The customer service has always been good overall and if you want additional phones/tablets/dongles on another contract they do REALLY cheap deals- if you do it through customer services and not in a 3 shop.
I used to be with vodafone and o2 in the past, but I wont be leaving 3 anytime soon

Reviewed by jon from UK on 5th Mar 2013
i used to have good network coverage and then it stopped. 2 months later I have no coverage and only 50% coverage when i travel throughout the UK. A complete swizz and disgrace and for the long term contract it is almost fraud. Avoid like the plague.

Reviewed by PETER from UK on 3rd Mar 2013

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 15th Feb 2013
If you do one good thing with your life it will be avoiding these con merchants. As everyone else has put, shocking customer service, by shocking I mean ignored every email, tweet everything I have sent to them, the reason why I have sent complaint after complaint is because of their even worse signal, seriously if you want my advice create your own telecoms company and you be better off failing that two cans and some string as that's what you'll be getting used to if you choose this network.

Reviewed by Gilly Winter from UK on 6th Feb 2013
I just signed up with 3 unfortunately there was a very poor signal and I was unable to make or receive any calls. Contacted them customer service was very poor, and insist that I pay them for the full 12 months if I end my contract I only signed up about three weeks ago. What can I do? Dont ever go to 3!!!!

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 7th Dec 2012
Three have terrible customer service and poor security. My account was hacked and someone ordered an upgrade without my permission. Their staff were rude and unhelpful in dealing with the problem, I was repeatedly told that someone from the investigations team would call me but they never did. I only found out the problem was solved when I got a call from their sales team asking me if I wanted to upgrade! All I wanted to do was cancel the account, but they wouldn't let me until they'd got back the phone they'd sent out, so for a while I was paying two contracts event though it wasn't my fault. They said the fraud was a one off but a quick search on the internet shows that it has happened to several people recently.

Reviewed by ghandi gandu kala koota from UK on 20th Nov 2012
my line rental is 35 pounds with 2500 mins x network, unlimited to 3, unlimited txts, and unlimited internet all for 35 pounds, but some how my bill is always over 90 pounds.

Reviewed by tony holland from UK on 16th Nov 2012
Had a htc wildfire unable to use it for work purposes ie as a remote computer ie team viewer or get skigo etc so bought a samsung s3 i thought great but unable to get a signal at work or my local place at home so im no better off unless i go with vodaphone htc phone again at least i could get the internet ! Not at all happy with 3 mobile coverage.

Reviewed by Louise ward from UK on 4th Nov 2012
I was with 3 for a year and they have easily the worst customer service I've ever encountered. Couldn't get a signal in my own home which they couldn't fix for several weeks and even then it was temperamental. My compensation for this was £5. As my contract was due to end I rang to cancel and was told I was late in telling them as I need to give 30 days notice, meaning I have to pay an extra bill even though it is entirely their fault I was cancelling in the first place. The customer service was so shocking I couldn't even bring myself to call up for my puc code when leaving. STAY AWAY FROM 3!!

Reviewed by Ronald Archer from UK on 4th Nov 2012
been with 3 for 16 months had problems with accesing the internet from day one ,continually complaining to customer services but always get fobbed off ,recently they just cut me off.now i find that i can't acces the internet at peak times or when i get on my speed is so low its virtually unusable

Reviewed by John Duffy from UK on 25th Oct 2012
I have been with 3 since Feb 2011 on a 24 month all you can eat data plan with a free HTC desire HD now running 2.3.5 gingerbread. (HTC have deemed not to upgrade the HD desire to ICS). 3 network in London & east Kent, good, strong signal and mostly reliable. When we had a weekend outage they immediately reduced the monthly bill. Service is good when any query arises and all in all its probably the best of all the networks I have been with (which is all!. I really like the all you can eat data plan, when my BT broadband was frequently down, the portable wifi on the HTC with 3 data plan meant I was never off line! I would recommend the network, but am looking for a good deal in Feb to stay with them.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 14th Oct 2012
I moved from O2 to 3 when I got my Galaxy S3, the principle reason being the All You Can Eat data with the contract. Had I read the reviews here I would never had gone with this network but so far, it's all been positive. Network coverage in my area is at least as good as O2 and in a lot of places actually better. The contract I'm on could not be matched by any other network and the data allowance really is unlimited! Fancy streaming the football on Sky Go? No problem.
I had one slight hitch when there was a short delay transferring my number from O2 to 3, but otherwise it's been great. I hope I'm not tempting fate, but the service from 3 so far warrants five stars...

Reviewed by samjarno from Kent, UK on 27th Sep 2012
I have been with Three for 9 years and had the following phones: Motorola E1000, LG CU500, LG U400, Nokia 6280, SE C902, SE K770i and the iPhone 3GS. I could never fault the price of the deals which is why I remained with them for so long but the customer service is frustrating. Everytime I have contacted them with an issue I have had to repeat myself over and over again. They are based in India and read from a script. Whenever my contract has been due for an upgrade they have been very pushy. They have allowed me to downgrade my price plan due to poor quality of service but only after several months of complaining. They were never going to allow me to cancel my contract without paying them the full amount even though I can not get a 3G signal within 50 metres of my home. The coverage is OK in major urban areas but poor outside of this. They have tried to charge me before for sending multiple text messages and for making calls outside of my allowance. I have always disputed this and have always been compensated.

Reviewed by Colin Redstone from Scotland on 7th Sep 2012
I approached 3 to purchase a high spec smartphone for my son and two lower spec ones for myself and wife. I was hoping for a single contract and a good deal. 3 offered a good deal on rates for 3 units but refused a single contract. The sales person insisted on 3 contracts and insisted on 3 separate credit checks for each DD which were all on the same bank account! Throughout our discussions I asked several times about upfront costs and was assured there were none. Not until I had signed the contract for my son's mobile and was about to sign contracts for the other two did he say "Oh by the way there is a £150 deposit on these handsets". Apparently it would have been refunded in 6 months time. You can imagine my reaction at this attempt at the oldest trick in the dodgy saleperson's book!
So I ditched the two low spec models and simply took the one for my son as he was about to disappear off to Uni and despite my outrage was still the best deal around. I complained to 3 (yes - a call centre in India) who agreed to send me a written note on the results of our discussion and surprise surprise the e-mail bears no resemblance to that conversation. I shall be watching for price hikes as noted by other reviewers. My strongest advice is avoid 3 if you possibly can and I am now really nervous that they have a DD on my account. I keep kicking myself that I kept my son's mobile and that I am their customer at all.

Reviewed by Dez from UK on 4th Sep 2012
It was good for the first few months.. However, the network connection has been intermittent for three weeks now and I've already informed Three tech support but there's no help at all!!!!

Reviewed by DR FL from UK on 29th Aug 2012
AVOID THIS RUBBISH COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!! Do not be taken in by any of the offers they appear to be able to provide...once they reel you in there is absolutely no costumer service and you end up banging your head against the wall speaking to some powerless call centre in India with apparently NO ONE to speak to based in the UK. I have been with them for 2 years now and have had nothing but trouble and will be reporting them to OFCOM for taking money out of my account illegally!! Stick to a reputable company like orange who have excellent customer service and UK based staff!!

Reviewed by diane from neath on 29th Aug 2012
I too was caught with the price increase on a fixed term contract and I was only 2 months into a 24 monthly contract. As I told the operator on the line that at the moment I couldn not afford to pay it off but that I would not be on a contract forever and I would remember when it comes to renewing. The next time it will be a monthly rolling contract that I will have. Three themselves are no better or worse than all the other providers the signal where I live is ok and their unlimited internet is good for a smart phone

Reviewed by John from Uk on 21st Aug 2012
Agree 100% with comment on price increase. Rang Customer Services who said that all providers do this. I have never seen this before and will look for another network at the end of my contract. Ps My son was on Pay as you Go with three but has left to go to Tesco Mobile.

Reviewed by Roo from UK on 17th Aug 2012
Have been with 3 on a an "all you can eat" since Dec 11. My experience is that mobile signal and 3G coverage is no better than average although I've had no download issues when there is a signal.
My biggest issue is that 3 cannot honour the simplest term of their contract - the price. They have imposed a price increase (yes on a contract) within the first year. It may have gone up by only inflation but this is within 8 months of the contract start. At this rate they can squeeze in another 2 price rises before the contract expires.
Although their terms and conditions allow them to do this (well of course they do!) while the customer has no recourse, it is a cynical and blatant disregard for the spirit of a contract.
The very simple fact is if they could not afford to honour the contract (hmm - just watch their profits rise) they should not have offered it in the first place.
Their customer services aren't interested and the service they offer is generally poor.
It's a personal choice who you go with on a contract but buyer beware - you will have no idea how much you will end up paying with 3!

Reply by DRB from UK on 27th Aug 2012
They all do this. Orange have done it for all customers very recently.

Reviewed by zee from Birmingham on 1st Aug 2012
The worst network ever in my life. Weak signal, call dropping and no signal at all at most places should be the logo for three. I have for last 10 months and now having severe problems with network. I tried to complain to network technical team about this and waited for 30 mins for call to be answered and was fed up with there bullshit music, unfortunately has to disconnect. My honest advice.... Go anywhere but not 3.

Reviewed by Mairi-Therese from England on 30th Jul 2012
Recently moved from tesco sim monthly to three as I wanted a new phone and feel its the worst mistake ive made. They said i had three bars of signal in my area so should have no trouble calling or texting, and that they had the fastest mobile internet out there topping that of tesco or o2. Have found that I can get no signal what soever in my house and very hard to get internet out and about which seems only able to surf the web or stream low qualty youtube videos. At least my package was reduced from £25 to £20 but found after calling support they said wait a few days and theyd call me back to check, a week later they called and guess whos stuck with the phone for 2years.... Don't waste your time, tescos and o2 where ten times better for me.

Reviewed by dom from central london on 20th Jul 2012
appalling coverage in london intermittent 6times its drooped service without any explanation avoid this company like the plague they don't care about service customer or fact no internet for days at the time in central london just complain to ofcom which i intent to do for breathing contract buy not providing service i am paying for how they will cope with olympics is beyond me don't buy any smartphone from them if you want to use it like it should be used.

Reviewed by Ray from England on 18th Jul 2012
I would never go with 3 again such BAD Manners and attitude.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 12th Jul 2012
i've been with 3 for a 5 years, i have 2 ppm phones and a 1mth rolling sim... need i say i've had v.few problems with 3. yes the call centre is in India and again v.few problems. and will be v.happy when i get my hand on the S3

Reviewed by Eric from Scotland on 9th Jul 2012
I wish to be fair.
Three network especially in remote Scotland locations excellent even 3g web fab
Phones fab
Original prices fab
Thereafter poor, put price up on a fixed 24 month price contract citing hidden small print that no sales person mentions when you sign up
Customer care - far off place EXCELLENT -UK diabolical

Reviewed by Jaz from Birmingham/england on 9th Jul 2012
I use to be a 02 customer very good reception.came to end of contract asked for a good deal they weren't interested at all was with the for 4 years.Wasnt keen with going to three network on two year contract with the one plan but I gotta say I've been with three now for 5 months and I am very impressed.Customer service ain't to bad could be better but very helpful also.Alot of my friends have also joined three and are very happy.So three keep up the good work and try to get even better.

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 1st Jul 2012
Been with 3 for four years and in all fairness they have been very good, the call centre is in India but they always ring to make sure any problems have been rectified. My contract is due to finish now and I am looking at the S3 but right at this moment they will only give me a deal off their website and there are better deals to be had. Overall 3's coverage is very good and their net speeds are excellent.

Reviewed by trevor from n ireland on 15th Jun 2012
having been with vodafone for years , was always generally happy , so upgrade time again , ordered the s 3 , no stock for a month , so decided to try three , spoke to a few already on it , good responses , sadly it goes down hill , after 2 days , signal was non excistant, on web and even calls and texts, luckly thy have a weeks return policy , conclusion , the right area and three would be outstanding , otherwise avoid and stick with with one of the big boys

Reviewed by Paul Smith from UK on 2nd Jun 2012
They have taken 3 months to return my phone from repair.
I have not got it yet.

Reviewed by Paul Smith from UK on 2nd Jun 2012
Awful. I took my phone into a 3 shop 3 months ago and have still not got it back.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 22nd May 2012
I agree that the deals for existing customers are not very good. I have been with them for 4 years. Tried to get a good deal on upgrade to top of the range phone and would not match deals from other companies.
Then the guy on the phone resorted to telling me horror stories about dial-a-phone and orange (who I was moving to) regarding the cost of the deal I was about to buy trying to scare me into staying with three. Bit patronising to say the least...
Coverage on three is no better or worse than the other major phone networks as far as I can tell comparing with friends on O2, orange and T-mobile.

Reviewed by Stephen from UK on 21st May 2012
Fast customer help response, but the staff are under-trained. They constantly ASK YOU to text about feedback, and give you an annoying amount of calls about advertisements.

Coverage is pretty good.

Prices are BAD, for contract customers who have been with the network for a while (especially). You will pay like £35 a month for a one plan with any new phone & over 24 months. If you go sim only and simply buy the phone, its far cheaper. Since the price, coverage, and customer service is the only thing we can really rate a network on, it gets 2 stars.

Reviewed by chris from uk on 19th May 2012
I live in a major city,and the coverage is very,very poor-the signal vanishes daily,and the phone often runs only on edge or gprs-3g coverage is intermittent at best.
Customer service has been poor in my experience-somebody with a very sketchy grasp of English 'helped' me the first time I contacted them,and then unsurprisingly the signal vanished so had to ring again and again and again.

Reviewed by Michael Bowler from UK on 18th May 2012
I signed up with Three over a year ago because the deal just seemed unbeatable, I couldn't believe what they were offering for the contract price, I was hooked... Then I realised why it was so cheap. After 11 months my phone (HTC Wildfire on a 24 month contract) developed a fault with the touch screen, after sending the phone back and forward, numerous phone calls and 4 weeks without my phone, the issue was still not resolved; Three promised to call me back after the repair to see if my issue was resolved, but they never did. So, for 7 months I used a friends phone as I had given up on Three, but my friend then needed the phone back, so I sent my wildfire back in for repair... Two weeks ago my charcoal grey wildfire came back looking a bit different, it was red! Somehow, the clowns in their repairs department managed to put a red front on my grey phone, but of course, I still have the grey back cover! Three's solution: to offer me 5 pounds to get a red back cover to match their mistake! Firstly, I can't even find a red back cover for less than 9 pounds, and secondly I didn't want a red phone in the first place! Now the best they can offer me is to send me a red back cover and give 10 pounds credit as compensation. After all the hours I have spend on the phone to various members of their team, being messed around by incompetent staff and by being promised phone calls that never happened, that is all they can give me for a phone that I now don't want because of their mistake. Your time really is worth nothing to this company. For anyone considering buying a phone from Three, please think again, they don't deserve your time or your money.

Reviewed by diane from south wales on 15th May 2012
Had a phone from 3 for the last couple of months and find them great had no issues with the signal or connection which I find is constant. Did have a question so I used their on-line assistance and was rung back within the hour with a friendly helpful gentleman who did have a bit of trouble with my accent first of all but speaking slowly and clearly got the issue sorted in no time. My experience has been a positive one so much so that two of my colleagues have now gone with them

Reviewed by Alex Evans from UK on 5th May 2012
3 are very adverage when it comes to signal I don't think I ever had full bar signal in all the time that I was with them and I live in an area that is good for signal! Costemour servaces are very poor. Even when trying to get my number across to them it took what seemed like forever. It was even worce when I was trying to take my number onto my new phone on tmobile. I was on the phone waiting for about an hour before anyone bothered to pick up the phone and then they truest to give me offer after offer to keep me on the network. Overall a very poor performance from 3.

Reviewed by diane from south wales on 3rd May 2012
Have all you can eat data plan, coverage is brilliant and customer service, when I've had to use them are helpful can't fault them on their assistance. Much better that when i was with t mobile who over charged me twice and more or less told me to wait for my cash to be refunded on a account which had been closed for two months. They got told where to go in no uncertain terms. Cant recommend three enough no problems doing that

Reviewed by karla from UK on 27th Apr 2012
Total liars, said i have not paid a bill when i had.i have moved house a few times and it was at a previous house that i paid them the remaining balance. I even have bank statements to prove it, yet they still insist they did not know me at that address, even though they traced me to it !!!!

Reviewed by Dave Brookes Devon lol from UK on 23rd Apr 2012
Well what can I say about this all ??? I bought a Samsung Acer GT-S5830 on the 3 network. P.A.Y.G £129 pounds plus 15 pounds credit topup ok cheap eh ?? I have never been able to use it since I had it ! I think the phone is good it is the network. I have had two phones and spent loads on phone calls. I am going to the small claims court and will love evry minute!!!!!!!!!! Today at 23rd April 2012 they said there was nothing wrong with the phone , later after more money on calls I was told it was damaged and beyond economical repair?? But this morning had an email saying nothing about such, I asked the superviser why this was being very polite , she said she did not know why this was said !!!!!!!! I did not take a contract so I am lucky ??? Have fun all Muaaaaaaaaa Dave from the Midlands now in Devon, I thought I had escaped the call centers lol

Reviewed by struggs from UK on 17th Apr 2012
... Okay so I promised I would re-visit my revie I made last week. This is earlier than planned as I have just stumbled across a huge chink in the 3 mobile network... It has no GPRS network to fall back on. Now, while this is no problem in a strong 3G signal area what happens when you ate in between or worse completely outside of service? Apparently, nothing!!!! You can still make and receive calls and texts but no Internet or email!!!!!!! So not great for all smartphone users, that's iPhone etc to you and me.
I did a quick google and discovered an article on electric pig article: just google No Internet is better than GPRS
Although this has not turned me completely off 3 I think it is something anyone should consider especially if you are entering into a 2 year contract.

Reviewed by struggs from UK on 15th Apr 2012
I have been a loyal Orange customer for 12 years spending £45 plus every month. My current iPhone 4 comes out of contract in two months so thought I would see what offers Otange retentions could make. Well it appears that 12 years and £6500 doesn't buy much retention! I walked past the 3 mobile store and noticed their one deal; all you can eat. I decided to sign up on a rolling 30 day deal and 'beta' test their service. Paid for orange to unlock my phone. (£20.54) and stuck the sim in. I have had it in now for 3 days but all I can say is... Wow, what a difference. Average of 3.5mb down and 1.5mb up. Constant 3G and the phone calls seam clear enough. I went on a trip to the seaside yesterday and set up a personal hotspot in the car. Both my sons started BBC iplayer and watched it for 1hr 20mins. It did not skip a beat! I have not had any experience of their 'customer service' so cannot comment but up until now the phone/3G has been fantastic.
I can't wait until I can transfer my number over from Orange.

Reviewed by michelle from uk on 14th Apr 2012
i think 3 are rubbish i asked for an unlock code so i can use my old sim card was told they will ring me in 3 days as they had to send off for it ( yeah right ) now they rang me and said it will take 2 weeks as they have to get it off samsung i rang them they dont even have unlock code its 3 that hold them all

Reviewed by Roy Clayton from UK on 14th Apr 2012
In 2006 I took out and 18 month contract with 3 and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. A TV programme highlighted that Indian Call Cenre Staff had been selling bank card details to criminals so I cancelled my card and changed my method of payment. 3 mobile said I made a late payment and doubled my line rental. They said it was in the small print. I had several months of disputing that they had the right to unilaterally change contract, but their customer service was so bad I cancelled the contract and invited them to take me to court. They did not contact me for two years, but put a default on my file without telling me and sold my disputed account to a Debt Collection Agency Lowell Portfolio who have pestered me for over two years. It took until March 2012 to get Lowell into court. In all that time I could not get a copy of my contract or any of the infrmation I requested under the DPA. I have also found out that in May 2006 3 mobiles terms and conditions were deemed unfair by OFCOM. Anyone thinking about entertaining 3 should google BBC Watchdog January 2009 Lowell and 3G. I have been seven years with 02 and 3 years with Orange and no trouble, No surprises.

Reviewed by gemma from UK on 12th Apr 2012
Liars,liars,liars. Iv had enough of lies and excuses and no service so paying for something I can't use. Spent most of today trying to cancel my contract but still no joy . They are now harassing me with the hard sell via email. I JUST WANT TO CANCEL MY CONTRACT. I will not be paying termination fees either without putting up a fight, iv paid enough over the past 14 months for a service I can't use 95% of the time due to no signal. Is there any way to get through to these idiots???

Reviewed by ste from england on 10th Apr 2012
pro's of three.
cheap, always 3g, good selection of handsets.

texts fail a lot because the signal drops a lot. If they improved signal strength three for me would be the best.

Reviewed by Meewa from UK on 28th Mar 2012
For this company there are no customer service everything is good still it is good ,if something goes wrong they cannot help you because their customer services are in India and they do not have managers there

Reviewed by Jess from England on 17th Mar 2012
For me three suck! I barely get a signal in my house and I live in a medium/large town not in the middle of nowhere. My phone whichis coming to the end of it's 2 year contract started to play up so we sent it off for repairs, its been with them for 6 weeks now and they've told us that it was dispatched a week ago but we've never recieved it and someone is constantly telling us something different... Last time i sent them my phone for repairs i recieved it within 2 days of sending it off, they're definitely slipped since gaing popularity. .. My mum has had loads of issues with signal as well and even though as a household we spend nearly £100 a month on our phones they are unwilling to do anything for us, luckuly my contract ends in April and I want to move onto Tesco Mobile as they have amazing deals and have won awards.. I only want my phone back now so I can sell it on and make some money from it.. HOWEVER IF you live in a city i doubt you will have issues with network coverage for me Canterbury and London and fine but I want to be able to use my phone at home, not just at Uni.

Reviewed by Tris from UK on 10th Mar 2012
More like rubbish,rubbish,rubbish. I hava a nokia lumia that died and wouldnt charge. They sent me a replacement which rebooted all the time and had a weak battery. I sent that for repair only to be sent one back that was damaged on the sim card slot and scratched and was sent with the wrong charger, I also could switch it on because it had so little charge it switched off on boot up. I phoned customer care who offered me £5 off my next bill (I havent made or recieved a call for over a month with this phone due to repairs). They have offered me a fourth lumia and refuse to give me back all my money for the time i couldnt use my phone. I have refused 3s offer and asked for a iphone or samsung galaxy s2 as i have had enough of this lumia thing. As of yet its been 6 days and no one has contacted me with a answer of yes or no weather this is posible. I tried to contact 3 about a replacement and all they say is it is being delt with. I wonder how many reviewers out there wouls put up with that!

Reply by Tris from UK on 16th Mar 2012
Three have contacted me after 8 days and offered me a htc desire s or an iphone 3gs. Not really on par with a lumia 800. Three have stated they will not refund me or give me a mobile of the same value or greater. I accepted the 4th mobile and to my horror it has soft key issues and connection problems. I have decided to buy an iphone cash and use a different network. i have suspended all 3 accounts and have started to put the contracts into credit to pay them all off in a few months. Three have contacted me to tell me that they are very sorry for all the problems and will give me options when i cancel the contracts. There will be no options for me. All contracts with them are going and on to rolling contacts with vodafone. That will be the end of three for me. And very costly it was too!!!!

Reviewed by fran donner from engaland on 9th Mar 2012
We my husband and eye have been with three for 6years now and wouldnt change. we find it to supply a very good service.

Reviewed by Music Lover from UK on 4th Mar 2012
I agree with the previous comment about the 3 music store downloads, 3gp video breaks up and the so called high quality version suffers from constant and uncorrected buffering. Their music track downloads, mp3 and 3gp, often end up as the digital version of a stuck record with the track freezing during playback and failing to finish because the track is incomplete.

Reviewed by Steve from uk on 1st Mar 2012
One of the best networks going fantastic deals especially unlimited data.customer services are really good and make it helpful by sending. A jiffy bag to send the phone for repairs and allway s had the phone back within 3to4 days and they txt to remind. You about what's happening when phone is sent off.also reception is good with 3. Wiuld not swap 3 for any other network

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 17th Feb 2012
Really Great network but the customer service is still so very poor. When closing my account for example the cs advisor said i will take your addons off , its like closing your account. After over 30 minutes of me telling the advisor that I just want to close the account he finally got the message. This is just one of many many runins i have had with three.

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 15th Feb 2012
diabolical customer service!Taken a year to be able to speak to someone who will make a decision. Finally got out of the contract. Would NEVER reccomend them EVER!!!!

Reviewed by Daz H from England on 11th Feb 2012
I moved to Three (3) in December 2011 from being with Vodafone for 7 years. So far so good. I went with 3 as the address I moved to had poor Vodafone reception. I get good full reception 99.9% of the time. The deals are much better with 3. The staff in the 3 shop were very helpful and not droids like p4u staff. Overall I'm happy but Ive had nothing go wrong yet so when I actually have to phone customer services it might be another story.

Reviewed by Shree Rai from UK on 8th Feb 2012
I have been with three network for almost 5 years now. Its network coverage has been improved but suddenly at my area it is not as it used to be & I don't know the reason. I don't mind the customer services although its from India but one thing I wonder with three network is: It gives unlimited internet data allowance with 'The One Plan' in iphone contract but you need to buy extra internet add on (£5.00) for blackberry contract although you have 'The One Plan' to use BBM.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 8th Feb 2012
I bought a £15 payg sim with all you can eat data to try out and i'm gobsmacked !!
I'm on contract with Orange which are ok for calls and text but they REALY suck with data connection, no better than dial up most of time .
Where as the 3 sim downloads at about 6 meg with good connection ! I can ACTUALLY use my phone for web browsing without battery going flat waiting for Google page to load, music plays non stop and i can watch a Youtube video without buffering .... buffering ... buffering .... buffering ... like i get with Orange.
I wouldn't trust them with contract or bank details but as only Network with truly unlimited web access without all BS about fair usage limits / caps you can't go wrong for that monthly money, also can put in tablet too and completely unlimited use of net access !!

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 4th Feb 2012
If there was a 0 rating, I would have used it! It really irritates me that 3 Mobile have kept my business for a further two years! I have been with 3 Mobile for quite some years now and as a whole I was always quite pleased with them, until recently! It has come to upgrade time and I was looking at upgrading my iPhone 3g to the new iPhone 4s. After over an hour of negotiating on Friday (yesterday) I agreed to take the 16gb 4s but was then told I would need to wait over a month (yes a month!) to receive my phone! I knew I could go with 02 (my fiancee's network - and one I would always now recommend over 3 Mobile!) and collect the phone on the same day. To keep my business I was told that although I could not get the 16gb handset for a month I could however receive the 32gb 4s the next day with unlimited internet at no further cost. As this seemed a good deal I stupidly agreed to it. Unfortunately the delivery firm told me today that they don't make deliveries on Saturday and it would be Monday when (I will be at work and not at home) the phone will be delivered! I called 3 to complain and they told me that I could receive it on Sunday at extra cost of 19 quid to me! Naturally I said no and requested my PAC code so I could go elsewhere but I was then told that I could not get it until Monday! Basically it was made so hard to leave as the handset is in transit to me that I was more or less forced into staying with 3 for another two years! The customer services department just lie through their teeth and have no respect for their customers whatsoever. I hope that anyone reading this and who is thinking of either moving to 3 or indeed thinking of carrying on with 3 decides to move and go elsewhere. I know that I am stuck with them for another two years but I guarantee that I will not renew my contract with them at the end of this one! I only wish I had done that yesterday rather than be fooled by their lies. My concern now is that I don't get the reduced package that I was offered and agreed to yesterday and that they try and take more money from me than was agreed as they are obviously not to be trusted at all! The customer service department is in India (like a number of other companies such as More Than Insurance who I have also had problems with!) and they just seem to be a law unto themselves there. I work in welfare to work and I know first had how hard it is to find a good job and it really bugs me that they are taking jobs to India when they could recruit people to work in a call centre in the UK where I know that customer service would be far greater and helping the economy as a whole! Sorry for the extra rant there but please consider 02 for your mobile as they offer far greater customer service and employ people in the UK!

Reviewed by Sunjay from UK on 3rd Feb 2012
I purchase my Samsung Galaxy s2 from three network and I am on the one plan with all you can eat data. The internet speed I get can between 3 to 9 meg. This is much fast then my home broadband. As my tariff allow me to connect my playstation 3 and pc to my mobile phone, I decide to cancel my BT landline phone line and ADSL. The speed allows me to stream movies via lovefile/Netflix and I can even watch BBC iplayer.

Reviewed by David from UK on 3rd Feb 2012
Lies lies lies lies had 5 years of being told contridictory things that were all lies or half truths. Each time had hours on phone and a price reduction to my tariff its renewal time again and so i was offered a new contract and again the lies come out told them forget it should have done it 5 years ago.

Reviewed by Jamie from Scotland on 2nd Feb 2012
Got a refurb HTC Desire on a 24 month deal at £15p/m from 3. The phone is terrible, the only reason I got it was because the ad promised 2 months free Spotify (turns out, if you already signed up Spotify at anytime in the past, you didnt get it...they never advertised that fact).

I hate the phone but the shining light was I could downgrade my £15 contract to £5p/m after a year...until I went to do this and got told "we do not do this anymore...sorry". I can't wait to leave. DO NOT DEAL WITH 3!!!!I cant stress this enough people. Smashed my phone off a desk this morning in rage and going in to a 3 store tonight to get it fixed...as you can tell I'm up for a fight.

Reviewed by Andrew Moncur from UK on 1st Feb 2012
Dont do business with 3. Customer service is appalling beyond belief. I handed in a faulty handset to a 3 store more than 2 months ago. I have called many times and fobbed off with a number of differing stories. The handset is lost, the battery is faulty, the handset cannot be repaired> Each time I call the staff who are based near Mumbai make promises of callbacks which never happen. I have 2 phones and a dongle and have been with them a number of years but not for much longer.

Reviewed by Jack from wales on 31st Jan 2012
HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 31st Jan 2012
Yes their call centre is in india but they are never rude like the UK ones can be, i find them very polite if i have to call them. Never really have reception issues and being on The One Plan i tether away on my laptop and never have to worry about limits. I always tell my friends to move to Three and am more than pleased with the network.

Reviewed by Ray from UK on 25th Jan 2012
Well, for a network and coverage is great, price OK, using abroad is a rip off. So wherever you do not and I repeat do not use it at all as just to give you an idea, to make a call you will be paying £2 per min and receiving £1 per min. I was really lucky that I didn't use mine to much and ended up with an extra bill of £34 on top of my monthly bill. I will never use my phone when I am abroad. So please becarfull and don't get in the same or maybe worse them me by using your phone thinking that they wont charge that much. I've been with other networks for years and never got charged this much so 3 network is a rip off for using abroad.

Reviewed by Guest from UK on 20th Jan 2012
THREE LIED TO ME. 1)when I bought the phone I was told that when I moved abroad I could just put a new sim in. THEY LIED...I went to by a 3 sim card and was told that even though it was a 3 phone and a 3 sim It was not the same network and I needed to pay to get the phone unlocked. 2) I asked for the lowest tariff when I moved abroad as I understood I could not use my minutes.i was told this was 9 pounds per month. I went to cancel my phone and was told a) the contract had not expired and was much longer than I recall taking out (though i have no proof) and so I agreed to pay the months outstanding and they hit my with an extra monthl handset charge of 7 pounds per month that I had ever heard of and most definitely was NEVER told about. I paid them to get rid of them. Three lied and misled me, don't let them do the same to you.

Reviewed by elaine from UK on 9th Jan 2012
worst coverage referrers

Reviewed by Richard from Great Britain on 2nd Jan 2012
I Recently downloaded tracks and music videos from the 3 music store, the quality goes beyond just poor as to be a complete waste of your money I advise anyone reading this NOT to buy music from this network.

Reviewed by Trevor from England on 2nd Jan 2012
I have had an HTC hero on a 24 month contract with 3 for 20 months months. I find the network coverage not upto scratch in my area, in fact the best reception I've had outside of London has been scotland. I have had a lot of dropped calls & it doesn't roam well. 3 attract customers with keen pricing & decent sized bundles but I won't be sticking with them come April.

Reviewed by Chris_M1BIK from England on 29th Dec 2011
I've been using 3 in the UK now for about six months using the One Plan sim only tariff - used with a Viewsonic Viewpad 7 (better known as a Contiva N700 i believe). I've never had to deal with anyone to do with 3 customer services since i've had no need to contact them, so i guess i can't comment on the 'rude/unhelpful' comments of others experiences. However, in six months, i've had zero issues where i use the VP7 (in and around the Medway Towns, indoors and outdoors) - the only places (very few in fact) where i had zero coverage were obvious places (i.e. if you know about radio communications and propagation at the frequencies in question, you'd know those places were gonna be dead coverage wise anyway) and likewise, even where signal quality was poor (not necessarily to do with poor signal strength), i always had some kind of useful throughput data-wise and call-wise. Oh, and just to emphasis on that side of things, most of the Medway Towns is very hilly and built up, so it used to be horrendously poor around here many years ago, but the main 3 cell coverage is pretty good now, and adding in the fill-in provided by the roaming partners (T-Mobile is one that i know of, and their 2G/3G coverage is good around here) and it's hard to find (excluding the obvious places) a reason why you'd get a rubbish signal unless you are say in car with thermal coated tinted glass (which is reflective to RF too) or indoors behind similar kind of coated double-glazing, or down in cellar or suchlike. Cost wise, nothing unexpected - using 3 for cellular data coverage mostly (the primary reason for going on 3) on the all-you-can-eat and tethered provision. It's cost me not a bean over the fixed monthly free. I'd say, from experience of using most of the networks and also having been around a bit in the radio world, that the difference between a good data performance and a lousy data performance is a balance between how good a coverage you have in the real world, how congested the network is in your locale/use area, and how good/bad/indifferent the transceiver(s) are in the phones/broadband modem transceivers etc. A poor transceiver (i.e. with poor handling characteristics and poor sensitivity) as bad in good coverage as it is poor in poor coverage - add in network conguestion, and things really go to pot. A really good transceiver is pretty good in all conditions and will handle congestion quite well (as well as can be expected, in practise). Not all cellular radios are equal, in that department. A good example of that is my old ZTE F102 (a cheapy cheap chinese 3G Skype phone, also on 3) which is also a pretty sharp performer with the 3 network coverage around here. What makes both of them both shine and do their bit in the equation, is having good transceivers built in. Returning to the business of 3 Network - I've seen between 2.5 & 6mbps out of the VP7 in tethered use on 3G (2.5 in poor locations that were usable) - which i attribute to the combination of coverage and having a good transceiver and lots of capacity on the network around here. Needless to say, i opted for the Sim Only 30-day One Plan option because i had already bought the VP7 and played safe on the 30-day option. Six months down the line, i'm tempted to move to a long contract, but there's pretty much zero reason to go there (aint after a new phone) so leaving well alone and review the situation come June 2012 (12 months down the line). 3 Network has provided the cellular coverage (hi-speed data and voice/messaging use) i needed for portable data use and for on-demand data requirements the VP7's sat-nav software needs and for when i have to use the laptop tethered and when i have to do portable video uploads and UStream live upstreaming and pre-recorded video uploading to UStream and Youtube. So i may be incredibly lucky (but i doubt it, luck aint my buddy in life), but between the skype use on the ZTE on 3 for two years, two years ago, and the last six months on heavy data use, i'm not inclined to say it was a case of luck. So, am i a happy camper in respect of 3 network usage..?? Just picture a novels worth of smiles and you'll get answer visually.

Reviewed by MP from England on 29th Dec 2011
I never understood all the fuss & bad comments about the '3 Network', I always found them helpful on the phone & the network was not too bad either, granted the coverage isn't as good as Vodafone but I don't think it is that bad.

Reviewed by Wael from Glasgow on 28th Dec 2011
They shoud change the name from 3G to 0g you can't get the net work at all . They told me ( coustomer servise I need to change my address if I want to get better service..... Rede clues .

Reviewed by ali from UK on 21st Dec 2011
rubish network, people tell me they were calling me and i did't receive any miss calls or voice message. unreliable service. if u want to end contract u have to be very rude to them otherwise they are doing hard sale.

Reviewed by darren from UK on 19th Dec 2011
disgraceful customer service, bunch of con artists. i was sold a 24 month contract that i did not ask for. i was in mid moving house and needed the dongle for a short time the salesman sold me a dongle and said its a flexy contract so when i get in my new house i can cancel and that would be the end. but instead they have said i am on a 24 month contract i can either pay the end contract early fee or use contract, so angry will never use again. avoid 3 mobile people.

Reviewed by Tom from England on 12th Dec 2011
I bought an iPhone 4s with 3 two weeks ago, I have no issues with the phone itself. I rarely reach 3g speeds above 0.5 mbps and I just signed a 24 month all you can eat data contract =[. Ive contacted customer services on multiple occasions and they were extremely unhelpful, occasionally rude and were adamant that the issue was with the phone and not the network. Ive been to the apple store and they have confirmed no issue with the phone. I also returned to my local 3 store for a refund, staff refused to do so. - That was earlier today. Avoid 3.

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