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S21 is a technology website bringing together hundreds of independent expert reviews of smartphones, tablets, TVs and appliances, plus over 100,000 user reviews, and buying guides and links to the best online deals. Looks familiar? We used to be Mobile Phones UK - reviewing mobile technology since 2001.

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Motorola Moto X Play review
The Motorola Moto X Play is a big-screen Android smartphone with customisable backs and accent colours. It's a very well-specified, balanced phone with a good processor, Full HD display, excellent camera, and very strong battery life, but is larger and heavier than most phones. If you don't mind the size, this is a truly impressive phone.
 Best 40 inch TV of 2015
Here we pick the very best 40-inch TVs of 2015 from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.
Apple iPhone 6s Plus review (updated)
The iPhone 6s Plus comes with a faster A9 processor, a 12 megapixel camera with 4K video recording, and Apple's new 3D Touch feature. It's also been substantially strengthened to avoid problems with bending, making it a lot heavier than the 6 Plus. Although it's a a wonderful piece of tech in many ways, it's phenomenally expensive.
 Apple iPhone 6s review (updated)
The Apple iPhone 6s has a faster A9 processor, improved cameras, pressure-sensitive touchscreen, and is less prone to bending. It's basically an updated iPhone 6, and comes in new colour options too. As always, Apple has delivered a good product, but it's vastly over-priced.
Rugby World Cup Predictor App
The Rugby World Cup 2015 has just got under way and the Rugby World Cup Predictor App from the children's rugby charity, Wooden Spoon, is just one of many ways that Rugby fans can get involved.
 Samsung BD-J7500 review
If you've bought one of Samsung's new UHD televisions, you'll want a Blu-Ray player that truly does it justice. The Samsung BD-J7500 wants to be that player. The J7500 offers UHD upscaling, as well as good connectivity, including 2 HDMI connections and built-in Wi-Fi. It also has a good range of Smart TV services. But it's expensive, and not strictly necessary to get the most out of your UHD TV.
Samsung WD90J6410AX review
This stainless steel version of Samsung's WD6000 series washer/dryer looks amazing, with its metal finish and Crystal Blue door. It has probably the largest capacity you'll find, with 9kg washing and 6kg drying. Its direct drive motor makes it very quiet and efficient, and is guaranteed for 10 years. So while this machine is expensive to purchase, it should be regarded as an investment in your kitchen.
 Panasonic TX-55CX802B review
If you're searching for the ultimate TV, the Panasonic TX-55CX802B comes close. With a stunning design and almost-perfect UHD images and HDR future-proofing, plus high quality audio, excellent Smart TV and connectivity, the only reason not to buy it is its high price.
Vodafone Smart Prime 6 review
Vodafone's Smart Prime 6 smartphone costs less than 100 on PAYG and is a good buy for that price. It has smart looks, a high-quality 5-inch screen, a decent camera and battery life, and is fitted with a larger-than-average battery. It suffers from the same lack of processing power and memory as all other entry-level smartphones, but for the price we can't complain.
 Microsoft Lumia 640 XL review
The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL gives you a smartphone with an enormous screen at a low price. Running Windows Phone 8.1, you'll find plenty of pre-installed functionality, although the third-party app market is limited compared with Android or iOS. Still, the benefits of the big screen are attractive, and the phone performs well, delivering a lot of power for the price.

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