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S21 is a technology website bringing together hundreds of independent expert reviews, over 100,000 user reviews, plus articles, buying guides and links to the best online deals. Looks familiar? We used to be Mobile Phones UK - reviewing mobile technology since 2001.

Latest reviews and articles:

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review
The Samsung Galaxy Alpha brings premium styling to the Galaxy smartphone range. It's a superslim, ultra-lightweight Android phone with good performance, but not quite in the superphone league.
 Apple iPhone 6 Plus review
The iPhone 6 Plus is like the iPhone 6 but with a larger screen and stronger battery. It's a beautiful device, but super expensive.
Sony Xperia Z3 review
The Sony Xperia Z3 is quite possibly the best Android superphone of 2014. With premium styling and awesome specs, it's one of the best camera phones ever, able to record 4K UHD video. Battery life is superb, and it's waterproof and dustproof too!
 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review
It may seem harsh to give this astounding piece of technology just 4 stars. But the fact is that the Note 4 costs substantially more than the Note 3 but doesn't bring any significant life-enhancing new features to the table.
Apple iPhone 6 review
The iPhone 6 finally catches up with Android and comes with a big 4.7 inch screen and NFC cashless payments. It's probably the most beautiful, most practical, most desirable phone in the marketplace in 2014.
 Nokia Lumia 930 review
The Nokia Lumia 930 is an almost perfect WP8.1 smartphone. It's a beautiful, premium device with a curved edge to the screen - and it's a stunning 5 inch Full HD OLED screen at that. With a quadcore processor, 20MP camera and 4G it's a powerful device, but we've deducted one star for battery life and excessive weight.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 review
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is very close to being the perfect tablet. With a large 10 inch AMOLED screen, ultraslim design, octacore processor and plenty of memory, it has everything we need.
 Sony KDL-42W829B review (updated)
The Sony Bravia KDL-42W829 is a mid-range 42 inch TV with an attractive design. Picture quality isn't the best and audio is weak, but for good value family viewing with catch-up TV it offers excellent value for money.
LG G3 review
Take a cutting-edge design, skin it in a choice of metallic finishes, give it the highest definition screen on any smartphone, a superfast processor and the latest version of Android and you have a recipe for an amazing phone. Anything missing? Add laser autofocus to the camera and we're done! In short, the LG G3 rocks!
 HTC Desire 610 review
The HTC Desire 610 offers the looks of the flagship HTC One M8 at a reduced price. But while the Desire 610 is a nice phone in many ways, it doesn't do enough to justify its price.

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